Great Lakes Packaging (GLP) is headquartered in Germantown, Wisconsin, which is located in the northwest suburbs of the greater Milwaukee area. Founded in 1963, GLP business practices and strategies have always included an eco-friendly focus and our impact on the Earth. We aim to design and manufacture products of quality, but also are environmentally sustainable. Our company takes pride in spreading the eco-friendly message of saving the Earth. We concentrate our business practices and strategies to provide you with quality products as well as reduction in energy consumption. Sustainability is our drive and the motivation to set examples to generations of sustainability innovations to come. We believe in doing what is right to transform the industry of packaging into a valuable ecosystem. The greater we protect the natural life cycle and doing our part of social responsibility, the greater return we will receive.

Renew, reduce, reuse is our future … A recognized leader, dedicated to providing services for the worldwide packaging and point-of-purchase industries, building on the strengths of our state-of-the-art design capabilities, we work with our customers, partners and competitors to achieve our sustainability goals. Great Lakes Packaging is Where Sustainability is Second Nature.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Impacts ALL aspects of our business
  • Inks we use (water based and copper free)
  • Design Innovation (lean strategies/renewable materials)
  • SFI® certified (Sustainable Forestry Initiative®)
  • Recycled content in our paper (Independence corrugator data available)
  • Reduced carbon footprint via proximity to our clients (AICC FirstPak)
  • Simply stated & it is smart business!